Online casinos that work on Android platforms are Android casinos. These gambling websites ( ) are convenient, user-friendly, and cmpletely safe. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can start playing games for fun or real money.

What games can be played?

Newbies can begin their gambling journey by playing online slots. These game are very easy to play and have very few rules. Some casinos run progressive jackpots on their slots; these games have huge prize monies.

  1. Please gamble responsibly.

Professional gamblers prefer Roulette to other games. Roulette is a table-based game and is played on a roulette wheel. This game offers very attractive payouts to players. Try out Roulette on your phone today.

Are their any bonuses?

Casinos offer several bonuses to their new and loyal players. Use these bonuses to unlock new features in your game and win big money. The most common bonus from Android Casinos is the Welcome Bonus.

There are other bonuses as well such as Loyalty Bonus, Weekly or Fortnightly Reload Bonus, etc. If you are a High Roller, you might receive a High Roller bonus to cover your risks. Please continue reading.

How do you make transactions?

Pay and receive money via credit or debit cards, e-wallets or prepaid cards. You can also transact via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Payments on Android casinos are always safe and reliable. This is because of encryption.

Casinos encrypt every data and information on their websites. Encryption means making things secret from the others. Android casinos also use the SSL technology to protect players' monies. Please continue reading this gambling guide.

Responsible Gambling Policy

Most casinos take player safety seriously. They also promote healthy gambling. That is why many casinos disallow gambling by minors. These websites report money laundering to the authorities. Please read the Responsible Gambling policy statement of your casino.

  • Never gamble while drunk

If you think you are getting addicted to real money gambling, you can shut off your casino any time. Many Android casinos list down dos and don'ts of safe and healthy gambling; read them please.

Random Number Generators

All the non-live games in your casino are run by Random Number Generators. The RNGs are actually virtual computers that can't be manipulated by hackers. This means all your games are fair and their results can't be changed.

Even though your casino is fair, yet you should exercise due caution while gambling. First, you should never gamble on public Wi-Fi. Secondly, avoid betting while you are drunk. Lastly, avoid unlicensed Android casinos. Have fun.